Upper-left three-line icon: show/collapse left-hand menu.

Action Row is the button bar at the top of the Messages.

The ? in a circle icon > Help > opens 24/7 support.

In left-hand menu > the "Compose" or "Plus" button > start a new email.

GSuite launcher lets you go to other Google apps.
You can drag-and-drop app icons in the launcher to reorder them.

The gear icon for Settings.

Right-hand menu > quick access to other Google apps, such as Calendar > click to open a Pane next to GMail
- In Calendar > click ... icon to change viewing settings
- In Calendar > click a meeting to see the details
- In Calendar > meeting > click the envelope icon to email all guests of the meeting
- Click the X icon to close the pane


Gear icon >

General Tab:
Maximum Page Size
Hover Actions > on/off
Default Text Styles
Grammar > on/off
Spellings > on/off
Autocorrect > on/off
Smark Compose > on/off
Conversation Threads > on/off
Preview Pane > Mark conversation as read after X time
Desktop Notifications
- will require "Allow" when the browser asked you for confirmation
Stars > order and show/hide of Star options
Signature Tool
Vacation Responder (Out of Office)
- not linked to Calendar
- Save Changes to complete setup

Labels Tab:
System Labels > show/hide each
- if you delete a label, the messages are not deleted, the sticky note is just removed from the messages

Inbox Tab:

Account Tab:

Filters and Blocked Addresses Tab:
- AND only, no OR
- ex: DOES NOT HAVE *feature01* AND *feature02* AND *feature03*
- I've experienced that editing a filter may not take effect for a full day

Advanced Tab:
Preview Pane
Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Offline Tab:
Sync Settings between online and offline usage

Background Image

Screen Setup

Gear Icon > Display Density > how densly messages are displayed.

Gear Icon > Configure Inbox > put different tabs at the top of the screen.
- Google can pre-sort emails in to tabs: Primary, Social, Promotion, Update, Forum.
- You cannot rename these tabs, Google manages this whole thing.

Left-hand menu > Inbox down-arrow > select Inbox Type.
- ex: Unread first or Starred first
- Priority Inbox is good for managing lots and lots of email

Gear Icon > Settings > can make it look more this Outlook.

Newspaper Icon (next to Gear Icon) > set how the screen is split into panes.


GMail doesn't have "folders", it has "labels".

You can drag-and-drop a message to a Label, but it's really intended to drag-and-drop Labels onto Messages.
Like a sticky note.
You can apply more than one to each Message.

Labels you've chosen to hide/make inactive are visible under "More" in the left-hand menu.

Left-hand menu > "Manage Labels" and "Create New Label" to create/edit labels.

Labels can be nested under each other.
- the label appears with the full path to the label

Labels all show up in the left-hand menu.
- click ... icon to set the color

What labels to make?
- Make labels based on the next action needed on messages, such as "Follow Up", "Reply With Deliverable", "Request Signature"
- Make labels based on deadlines, such as "Due Today", "Due End Of Month"
Now when you click on those labels, you'll see all Messages marked with that label.

Important Tab

Little gold blocky-left-arrow.
Future messages from the same sender will be auto-marked Important.


Click on a star once to Star the message.
Click multiple times to cycle through other Star types (such as Question Mark and Exclamation Point).

New Message Dialog

- click double-headed-arrow to enlarge the dialog.
- Shift+ComposeButton > the new message dialog opens in its own window.

- start typeing, or click on "To" to open a list of contacts.
- in list of Contacts > select contacts > Manage Labels > Create Labels > this will save a Group of contacts that can be reused (just by you)
- can drag Contacts from To field to CC or BCC fields.

- there is no "mark important" button - write an informative subject instead

- your signature will be automatically added - and you can edit it per-email

Body > Smart Compose
- auto-suggestions for how to complete a sentence
- use arrow-key or space to accept the suggestion
- there's also auto-correct for spelling and grammar errors

Button bar
- Send button down-arrow > schedule when the email will be sent
- underlined A icon > undo/redo/font/size/style/color/justification/lists/indentation
- paper clip icon > attachments, 25MB limit per message
- or drag-and-drop file/email into dialog
- usb icon > add hyperlinks or convert highlighted text to a hyperlink
- happy face icon > add emojies
- triangle icon > Google Drive > for large files, upload to Google Drive and include a link to that in the email
- mountain photo icon > add images
- lock and clock icon > confidential mode
- money icon >
- ... icon > spell checking, labels (just for your benefit), templates, default to full screen, other misc operations
- templates insert reusable text rather then replacing the entire email, so you can build an email piece-meal
- trash icon > delete this, do not save as draft

Composed emails that were closed without being sent are saved automatically to Drafts.


Bold text is new email.
New mail sorted straight into a Label will still show up bold.

Messages from you default to from "me".

Based on your view, Messages may list their attachments so you can open them directly.

Hovering over an email will show message-specific options.
- RSVP for meeting invites

Shift+ClickEmail > email opens in new window.

Message Details > Action Bar
- down arrow icon > Archive email
- archived messages are still available in All Mail (and under any Label added to the message)
- exclamation icon > report as Spam
- trash can icon > delete this message, place in Trash
- default: anything in the trash for 30 days is deleted
- envelope icon > mark as Read or Unread
- clock icon > snooze > remind me of this message later
- right arrow folder icon > Move To > removes Inbox Label and adds the selected Label
- bookmark icon > add multiple Labels to this email
- ... icon > misc actions
- Filter Messages Like These > similar to Outlook filters

right-hand options
- paperclip icon > attachments
- swoopy left arrow > reply

Download All attachments will put them into a zip file.


Find all emails from a person: right-click the email > Find Emails From.

In search bar: "from:name_or_address".

In search bar: "text" searches for messages containing "text" anywhere.
In search bar: "text, other" searches for messages containing both "text" and "other".

In the search bar > click the down-arrow for advanced options.

Conversation Threads

Google groups threads/conversations together with the newest at the bottom.

Turned on by default.

In the Inbox view, there'll be a number next to "from" showing how many messages are in the conversation.

If you Edit Subject in a reply in a conversation, it will create a new conversation.

To turn Threads off: Gear Icon > Settings > General Tab > Conversations



Upper-left > three line icon > expand/collapse left-hand menu

Left-hand menu > Compose button (plus icon) > will init a new event to current date/time.
Click on a slot in the calendar > will init a new event for that date/time.

Left-hand menu > mini calendar > quick navigation of main calendar view
- supports click-drag to select multiple days

Top bar > magnifying glass icon > Search

Top bar > question mark icon > Help

Top bar > gear icon > Settings, Trash, Desity, Color, Print
- print won't print solid blocks of color, just the outlines


Top bar > Today button > quick navigate to current day

Top bar > Day/Week/etc drop down > select View

Google Chrome > numbers 1 through 6 > quick keys to different calendar views
- 1 = Day view
- 2 = Week view
- 3 = Month view
- 4 = your custom view
- 5 = Schedule view
- 6 = Year view

Keyboard shortcut "t" > go to Today
Keyboard shortcut "g" > opens dialog to go to selected date

Gmail > Calendar Pane > ... > select Day or Schedule view
Day: one whole day shown
Schedule: just events shown in order

Gmail > Calendar Pane > ... > select other Calendars
Check off all the calendars you want to see overlaid at one time

An event on the calendar with a clock icon on it > someone has proposed a new time

When you view other people's calendars, the color is up to you

Left-hand menu > can display Reminders and Tasks in calendar
- Reminder is an event type in calendar
- Reminders are better integrated with calendar than Tasks are, they'll track when the Reminder is completed


Language and Region
World Clock
Event Settings
- Default event duration
- Default guest permissions
- Automatically add invites to calendar
- Notifications
View Options
- show weekends
- view declined events
- week start day
Working Hours
- set your typical working hours so others can see it

Settings per Calendar:
Share with Specific People
- give other people access to your calendar
Event Notifications
- email about upcoming events or a popup, etc
All Day Event Notifications
- what time of day do you want reminders?
General Notifications
- new events, changes to events
- send a daily agenda to yourself each morning

Create Events

Click on date/time slot in calendar > open new event dialog
Click-drag across several hours on calednar > open a new event dialog for that time range

Click between date and calendar > init an all day event
- schedule it across all your work hours, to really show the time is blocked

Can add more details from normal dialog
Or click left-hand menu Meet With to jump into details
- Find a Time is available in detailed view > to ensure your invitees can meet at that time
- in Find a Time, simply click around to change when the event is scheduled
- diagonal shaded areas are "not at work" times, also shown as a purple moon icon next to the invitees

Color coding is totally up to you

"Public" is public within the domain

Attachments will be uploaded to Google Drive
- if data is sensitive, send by email instead

Guests/invitees with an asterisk (*) have calendars you cannot see
- so you can't tell when they are available

Click on the person icon next to each invitee to make them optional/required

"Out of Office" type events
- can select "Automatically decline events that overlap"


Notes added to an invite are public and listed with your RSVP.


Gmail > Message Details > ... in top bar > Create Event > will create a meeting in Calendar with all email-to list as invitees.


Tasks with due dates and times will be added to your Calendar


Google Keep is for notes.

Notes can be linked to Email and other stuff.

Color coding, labels, to do lists, etc.

Share with coworkers in real-time.
Connect notes to Gmail.
Connect notes to Calendar.


Open a Note > Bell icon > set a reminder date/time.

A to do list.

Not sharable. Private.

Can drag-and-drop an email into Task list to link the email to a new Task.

Delegate Access

Shares all of your contacts, and all access to them, with another user.


Export full contact list with others, but does not give any edit access to your list.
They just import a copy of your contacts to their list.


What Is It

A file storage facility.
Can convert file formats.
Can create and edit files.

Think of folders/filenames as URLs.

Files can be shared with up to 50 people at a time.
They can edit the file in parallel.


Upper-left > New or Plus button > create new file

Left-hand menu > Priority
- shortcuts to important files

Left-hand menu > My Drive
- this is the default view
- this view is private to you
- all files here are owned by an individual user

Left-hand menu > Shared Drives
- files are not shared be individuals, but by a group

Left-hand menu > Shared with me
- files that others have shared with you
- you can share a link to one of these files with your My Drive view, for easier access
- select the file > triangle plus icon > Add to My Drive
- in My Drive > select file link > trashcan icon > Remove link from My Drive (does not delete file)

Only the owner of a file/folder can delete it.
Everyone else can only delete their link to it.

Left-hand menu > Recent
- recently viewed files

Left-hand menu > Starred
- use this category anyway you see fit
- select a file > right-click > Add to Starred (or Remove from Starred)

Left-hand menu > Trash
- like the Windows recycle bin
- can restore
- can delete for good

Top bar > i icon > one Pane for selected file
- view details
- view activity (what is everyone doing with this file)
- add a description (bottom of view details)
- this is searchable metadata
- this is only way to edit the metadata

Top bar > grid icon > change View


Gear icon in top bar.

Get Drive File Stream for Windows
- downloads links to all your files so you can work on them from your desktop
- Windows system tray with have Drive icon
- Windows explorer will list Google Drive next to C:/ drive
- files are edited in the desktop programs you're used to
- all files still exist on the cloud
- Drive syncs when you edit a file

Keyboard Shortcuts
- Shift+z > add link to file to multiple folder

Offline (not the same as Drive Stream, only works on Google formatted files)
- can toggle Quick Access
- make Priority your default page

- enable browser notifications
Notify Me About
- get updates via email

Managed Apps:
3rd party apps

File Types

Forms: surveys, feedback

Drawings: flowcharts, like visio



Data Studio


Google Doc: like Word

When you open a new file, start by clicking "Untitled" and filling in the title.


Quick Access > Google's best guess of what you'll want to see
- can be turned off in Settings > General > Suggestions

Grid View
- large icon view

List View
- looks like a folder/file view (folders first, then files)
- folder icon with person in it is a Shared Folder
- person icon next to filename is a Shared File
- number icon next to filename indicates updates have occurred since you last view the file

Selected File > Top Bar
- usb icon > get sharable link to file
- person plus icon > share file
- eye icon > preview file
- trash icon > delete file


Under Priority view - you have private workspaces
This is an organizational tool

Create > name workspace > add files

select file anywhere > right-click > Add to Workspace

select file in workspace > ... icon > Remove from Workspace

select file in workspace > ... icon > Hide
select a workspace > ... icon > Unhide

select a workspace > ... icon > Remove Workspace
- files are not deleted

Shared Drives

No individual owners.
These files aren't in anyone's My Drive.

Add members > set roles


New button > Folder > name the folder > creates new folder

Can change folder color.

Can create a private folder, then share a folder within it.
Top bar > person plus icon > share file or folder
- recommended to always use Advanced options for this
- recommended to only share with Specific People

View and Organize (add/subtract from folder)
Can also prevent editors from changing permissions or adding more people.
Access can have a expiration time.

Can drag-and-drop folders in/out of other folders.


New > File Upload > select file
- Keep As Separate File is an option when you've uploaded the same file before
- If you don't keep it separate, it will merged as a new version of that file

select file > right-click > Manage Versions
- see the different versions of a file
- only for Microsoft formats (Google formats have all versioning embedded in file)

Microsoft format files can be edited through Google without having Microsoft's software.
- but you won't have all the features, because it is Google's version

All file edits are auto-saved.

Convert Microsoft format to Google format:
- Excel => Sheets > you will lose your Macros
- Powerpoint => Slides > you will need to reconnect audio/video sources

select file > person plus icon > Advanced > share file

Edit (everything except delete)
Comment (all edits are suggestions only)
View (read only)
Can disable Download/Print/Copy

Can drag-and-drop files into other folders.


Docs, Sheets, etc all have a homepage.

You can create files from templates here.
Can also access templates from Drive > New > From Template


Just click on an attachment to see a preview of it.
- from here > triangle plus icon > add file to Drive

From Message Detail > triangle icon > add all attachments to Drive
- or hover over one attachment > triangle icon > add attachment to Drive

In search > advanced > can look for messages with attachments
- or in search bar > has:drive, filename:pdf, etc
- see Help > "advanced" > for more advanced search options


Smart Quotes

Smart Quotes are when your normal " characters are replaced with “ and ”

To turn this off
Tools menu > Preferences > toggle-off Smart Quotes
Google Sheets


"Sheet" I think refers to both a single Google Sheet document (can contain multiple tabs) and a single tab in a document.

Reference Another Sheet

(Where "Sheet" means another tab in the same document)

Set this cell to the value of "Sheet1" cell "A1"


Refer to a sheet that has spaces in the name

='Name Name'!A1


Get all the unique values from param1 range, display them in param2 range.


=ArrayFormula(iferror(vlookup(D2:D900,'From AAT Mongo B'!A2:C900,3,0),0))

- First param: the keys to search for.
- Second param: the range to search through. The first column in this range will be searched for the key from First Param.
- Third param: the index in the Second Param range that holds the value you want to display. The index starts at 1 for the first column in the Second Param range.
- Fourth param: TRUE or 1 if the first column of Second Param range is sorted.


Check that two values match


Display "" for a match and "ERROR" for not a match.


Logical Expressions


Table Join

Note: I haven't actually gotten this working yet

The range of data making up each table must have the same number of columns in each.
- You get error "array literal was missing values for one or more rows" if the number of columns does not match.

- First param is the range of data for each table. Just provide the first cell with a column header and the final column letter.
- Second param is the query. Use the same column headers as the tables have.
- Third param, I'm not sure what it is.