Select (Black Cursor)

- hold shift while dragging to resize proportionally
- hold shift+alt to resize proportionally plus stay centered


move whole object around

Direct Select (White Cursor)

reshape: edit individual anchor points

How To

Cut Out Shapes

- Pathfinder panel
- cut A out of B, or vice versa
- join A and B

to cut letters out, first convert the text to objects

Image To Outline

- paste raster image onto page
- select the image
- Object menu > Image Trace > Make
- Image Trace panel > tweak options
- Properties panel > Expand
now you can work with the vector shapes

(specific instructions for local makerspace)

Laser Printer

- open Adobe Illustrator file > File > Print
- media size: custom
- orientation: not autorotate
- click Print
this will send the job to the Epilogue Dashboard
- print from there to the machine