Collection of clothing styles for reference.


When I can't find a nomenclature for a set of styles, I make up my own terms. It's easier to think about them when they have names. Made-up names are marked (M).


Sorted newest to oldest. Where "oldest" includes imaginary styles from fantasy art and cosplay.


Chelsea boots were invented in the Victorian Era, and are still commonly used today.
They reach the ankle and have elastic at the sides.
Pull-on boots, no laces or other closures.
Worn by men and women.

chelsea boots

Medieval Or General Fantasy

Quine (M) here means a lace-up boot that reaches the bottom of the knee.
Merry (M) here means a lace-up boot that covers the shin.

Stout (M) here means the laces start at the ankle joint instead of along the foot.

Counter (M) here means the laces are placed not in the front and not along the side, but in between them.

Turnover (from collar terminology) here means the top of the boot folds down.

Stout Counter Quine
stout counter quine

Turnover Merry
turnover merry


Parts Of A Collar

Band: a strip of fabric that fastens around the neck, perpendicular to the body of the garment, to which a collar proper may be attached.

Points: the corners of a collar; in a buttoned-down collar, the points are fitted with buttonholes that attach to small buttons on the body of the shirt to hold the collar neatly in place.

Spread: the distance between the points of a shirt collar.

Stand: the band on a coat or shirt collar that supports the collar itself.

Lapels: when the garment opens down the front, and the top edges of the collar are folded back to form lapels.

Types Of Collar

Standing or Stand-Up: fitting up around the neck and not lying on the shoulders.

Turnover: standing around the neck and then folded or rolled over.

Flat or Falling: lying flat on the shoulders.

Soft Collar: an unstiffened collar.


The shape of collars is also controlled by the shape of the neckline to which they are attached.

Jewel Neck: a neckline sitting at the base of the neck all around.


chelsea collar

Pussy Bow

pussy bow collar


(start here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collar_(clothing)#Terminology)

Ascot Collar (Stock Collar)

Albany Collar

Band Collar (Grandad Collar)

Barrymore Collar

Bertha Collar

Buster Brown Collar

Butterfly Collar

Button-Down Collar

Camp Collar (Convertible Collar, Notched Collar)

Cape Collar

Clerical Collar

Cossack Collar

Detachable Collar

Double Round Collar

Edwardian Collar

Eton Collar

Falling Band Collar

Fichu Collar

Gladstone Collar

High Neck Collar

HRH Collar (Stand-Up Turned-Down Collar)

Imperial Collar (Poke Collar)

Italian Collar

Jabot Collar

Johnny Collar

Kent Collar

Lacoste Collar

Long Point Collar

Mandarin Collar

Man-Tailored Collar

Mao Collar

Masonic Collar

Medici Collar

Middy Collar

Mock Collar (Mockneck Collar)

Napoleonic Collar

Nehru Collar

Notched Collar

Peter Pan Collar

Piccadilly Collar

Pierrot Collar

Poet Collar

Popped Collar

Rabat Collar

Revere Collar

Rolled Collar

Round Collar

Ruff Collar

Sailor Collar

Shawl Collar

Spread Collar (Cut Away Collar)

Tab Collar

Tunic Collar

Tunisian Collar

Upturned Collar

Van Dyke Collar

Windsor Collar

Wing Collar (Wingtip Collar)

Wing Collar (Whisk Collar)


Zero Collar